Can a Past Life Affect This Lifetime?

A lot of times readings are great learning experiences for me and I get to meet a lot of wonderful people. I have done a number of Past Life readings and generally get information on past lives. To me, they are just as important as this lifetime in explaining what, exactly is going on with someone, especially in regards to their relationships.

What I have learned, through time, is that our relationships start off, in this lifetime, where they left off in the last lifetime.

Both Edgar Cayce and Dr. Brian Weiss (in his book Only Love is Real) talks about this phenomena as well.

Kevin Todeschi's Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records says "In terms of personal relationships, Edgar Cayce stated that we never meet anyone by chance, nor do we ever have an emotional connection (positive or negative) to another individual for the first time. Relationships are an ongoing learning and experiential process. In other words, we pick up our relationships exactly where it was left the last time around."

Not only have I seen this pattern repeated, over and over again, in readings I have seen it in my own life.

My mom, sister and I had a past life in which my mom was my mom, my sister was my sister (with some sort of disability). My mom doted on my sister because of her disability and I was very jealous explaing why in this, current lifetime I was very, very jealous of my sister from an early age.

I know that knowing about this past life has helped me navigate and heal relationships from my past. As soon as I learned about the past life with my mom and sister I could forgive myself and my mom for this lifetime.

I have another situation in which I can see, clearly, how the past life relationship that I had with another individual mirrored exactly what occurred in this lifetime. I don't want to share the details for this individual's sake, but I must say that I am a little confused on how to move forward. If the relationship didn't improve do you leave it as is and know that there will be other opportunities to better it in other lifetimes or do you keep trying to make peace with it, in this lifetime?

I do believe that the people that you have unresolved issues with from other lifetimes keep appearing in your life and are, in a way, magnetized to you and you to them. Any thoughts?

Afterword: I am currently editing a channeled book and came across this tidbit about mending the relationships in our current lives. If we don't mend these relationships in this lifetime we will assuredly attract them like bees on honey in future lifetimes, with the same issues to resolve.

"You see these relationships stick with us throughout our lifetimes and we will repeat the same patterns with these people and instead of repelling their energy or energies we will attract them like bees on a honey pie. What I am saying is that if you don’t resolve your differences with people in this lifetime you will, guaranteed, draw that person to yourself in parallel universes of simultaneous or other lifetimes GUARANTEED. You see, instinctually, there is a part of our beings that knows that relationships are a major part of our living and being and existing. We strive to be clear of friction in our lives, to love and to love purely without guilt, retribution and fear. What we need to be aware of is that the problems that exist between ourselves and others do not merely vanish. In fact, in some or all cases, the problems fester like a mold and grow larger and larger. I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is for all of us to realize what an important aspect our interpersonal relationships are in all of life and really great care should be taken to mend these relationships as they are broken."

Wall Art

Artwork is expensive and even though you pay the price you don't always get exactly what you want so I decided to use my resources and make my own wall art.

Store-bought greeting cards
A borrowed projector
Wall paint
Scrapbooking paper
Mod Podge

1. Paint the background color of the canvas.
2. Scan the image of the greeting cards.
3. Use the projector to project the scanned image of the cards onto the pre-painted canvas.
4. Trace the projected image of the card onto the canvas. I used a pencil to trace the image of the card.
5. Fill in the image with paint.
6. Choose a complimentary scrapbook paper image. I used paper with modern flowers and cut out the flowers.
7. Arrange the flowers on the painted canvas.
8. Attach the scrapbook images with Mod Podge., customized artwork!

Drawers Turned Into Artwork

I love Pinterest and all of the inspiration that it provides. I got this idea of creating wall art with drawers, cardboard (to wrap the fabric around) and fabric.
Thanks so much for the inspiration Pinterest:

Looking For a Number?

I must admit that I have had a hard time listening lately. A part of me is in rebellion screaming to the universe, "Do I have a big 'Kick Me' sign on my back?"

I keep listening and I keep getting in situations that are hard, really hard, back breakingly hard. I want to listen, I know better than not to listen, but I keep going into difficult situations with reticence and keep coming up hurt.

So guys, guides,'s the thing...I don't want to do this anymore. Can we have some grace, some ease, something wonderful...please?

I don't ask for much...I just don't want all the hurt. I have started to shut down, not listen, because I don't know what to trust and I don't want to hurt.

I thought for so long that the one thing that I could trust was my voice, my inner knowing. I got courageous...did a few things...that were hard, that I tested out, that I followed through with...that as you are hearing...didn't really work out.

My best defense was to stop least for a rebellious teen that knew that mom and dad knew best but wasn't really willing to listen...just for awhile.

Well mom and dad are still trying to get my attention and I must say that I am glad that they are not totally abandoning me. I am glad that guides do not give up, they persist, they are resourceful in their own ways and scream and yell until we listen...again or once or twice or always.

I know that they are always at our disposal waiting to serve in whatever means possible and I am grateful for that. :)

And I am particularly grateful for the messages that have come through in the form of numerology.

222 - when I was wondering about getting back together with an ex and reaching out to the universe for a sign this number popped out of the clock on my desk phone. I felt like, in combination with the other signs that I had received that this was a good sign to move forward.

According to Doreen Virtue 222 means "Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved."

444 - yesterday this number popped out on my iPhone. At this moment I can see that the angels are surrounding me and letting me know that I am not alone and I am grateful for this message.

According to Doreen Virtue 444 means "Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well."

1111 - I quickly glanced at my clock and this number appeared yesterday. Again, I am grateful for the message that I am not alone and am being supported. Thank you for not abandoning me.

According to my guidance 1111 means that we are on the right path and divinely guided. All is well. No need to worry.

I know enough to know that we are not alone and in these moments where I question (everything) I am glad to know that I still have friends and guides and companions.

It is further proof that our guides go out of their way to scream, shout and constantly remind us (even when we are diligently trying not to listen) that we are not alone and are unconditionally loved and supported.

I am grateful for your presence and someday I might have greater understanding of all the wisdom that you have provided for me and I might possibly be grateful for all of the advice that you have given me even though your navigational skills have put me on some pretty rocky roads.:)

ps. After I wrote this post I had the feeling that I needed to turn to a page in In His Words (a book that I channeled from a 23-year old who had crossed over. It's a story about not giving up on life and life after death from a 23-year old guy's perspective...on the other side). I just wanted to share the entry that I turned to. It was a timely message:) and once again I am grateful.

"By the end of my more earthbound moments I was able to create mystical events that defied reason. On one such occasion, I created a whirlwind of commotion in the bounds of Rhonda's workplace. I knocked out a ceiling tile that was held in place by a simple lock although it was difficult to fool. What I did was I became physical in that one single moment. It was not something that I intended to do, I just wanted her to know that I was still around her even though she was not always aware of that." (p 29)

10 Things I Know To Be True

I found this TED video of Sarah Kay and fell in love. I think most of all it speaks to a part of me that knows that each of us have something to contribute, that each of us has genius. Part of that genius is tapping into that part of us that is unique, that is uniquely genius not being someone or something that we are not.

I am beginning to see this quite clearly, through personal experience and pain. Me trying to be someone else when I know clearly who I am is not working. Maybe being who I am is hard, but trying to be someone else is currently proving to be much harder.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”― Albert Einstein

I think we can all resonate with this on some level. I remember the first time I learned this I was in 7th grade trying so desperately to be popular and the more I tried the harder it was. My dad sensed what was going on and he told me "No matter how hard you try you can't make everyone happy. You have to make yourself happy first." That lesson changed my life, it is a lesson I relay repeatedly and it is something that I have to remember time and time again. Because, time and time again, I am faced with that same lesson. I can't make everyone happy. I can only do my best, search myself for the right course of action, and act in a way that makes me proud.

So I was inspired by this video and would love to hear what other people know. I have quickly compiled my list and would like to share my list and see your lists, if possible. In this way, we can grow and expand and possibly learn from one another. I do believe we have genius within all of us if only we explore who we are and the unique selves and gifts that we bring to the world.

The 10 Things I Know To Be True:
1. People, not things, matter most.
2. I learned this one being a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class: it's ok to say your sorry because even though you didn't mean to hurt someone sometimes you do hurt them and it's ok to say you are sorry.
3. Life is full of miracles. If you expect to see miracles they will appear.
4. Go with your gut. You know well enough, by now, if you don't that you will regret that you didn't.
5. Have faith in people because we are all trying our best to get by.
6. Forgive for yourself because being bitter and angry only hurts you. Don't allow another person to take any more of your energy than they deserve.
7. People come into your life for a reason even if it is to teach you a lesson through hardship. Pay attention to those lessons and learn so that you don't have to learn them again.
8. Life is full of learning. Learn the lessons because the same lesson will be put in front of your face, time and time again, until you learn it. Often the lesson gets more insistent and painful the more that you ignore it so that you learn from it.
9. Love. Even if it's hard, especially if it's hard.
10. You have an infinite support system, they are called spirit guides. They are always there to talk to you and you can talk to them anytime. I have always known that life is hard and it is easy to feel all alone and I knew that there was more support out there. There is an abundant amount of support, in the form of spirit guides, waiting anxiously for us to ask for help. Ask for help you might be surprised at the answer(s) you may find.

I would love to know what you know. Much of my list comes from my experience as a Psychic Medium who has seen a lot of lives, who sees the same patterns and/or lessons through the canvas of other people's lives (both living and dead). Perhaps the most profound of my experiences comes from talking to people who have crossed over. From them I have learned the importance of people and relationships. This is one of the only legacies that lives on from lifetime to lifetime. We don't take our savings, our cars, our houses with us, but we do take the way that we treat and are treated by people. Be nice to one another;).

The Importance of Having Fun

For a long time I had heard that I needed to make room for joy in my life. This message fell to very deaf ears for a number of years. I had committed myself to my dream and I was going to do whatever it took to make it work and in my mind that meant hard work and lots of it.

I can and do work hard and don't often consider joy a requirement in life. I will be joyful when all of my dreams come true...but until then I will just work my bones off.

Then life threw me a curveball. My business was booming and I was still working full time due to a wonderful article written about me in a local magazine. I am so grateful for this windfall of luck.

I was busy and while it was everything I had ever dreamed about the inevitable happened...I got burned out for about an eight month period.

I could see it happening like a slow moving accident, but I didn't listen to the signs. I kept feeling inspired by new projects and prospects and I never took a break for a long time, too long apparently.

What happened in getting burned out was actually a blessing...I finally learned what people had been telling me all along. That life is supposed to be enjoyable and that when we put an effort into enjoying life we make more room for joy and joy makes room for success.

What did I start doing?
1. I crafted. The Dollar Tree became my new addiction as I found their craft section to be a gold mine of creative inspiration.
2. I started going out more and socializing. This involved becoming more engaged with my family and going to social gatherings with my family more often.
3. I started watching movies (I don't have cable so I don't watch tv) and I watched all the sappy romantic comedies that I love.
4. I stopped feeling like I had to do intense, long workouts and I started walking and doing yoga or just taking naps (mainly whatever my body wanted to do).
5. I spent more time engaging with my clients and getting to know them on a personal level before and after appointments. These are, often times, people that I really connect with and have a lot in common with. Oh, and I am grateful for each and every one of them. Honored that they share their lives with me and so thankful for each and every one because they are, often times, my greatest teachers.
6. I started to go to therapy and have finally found a wonderful therapist that is helping me to unravel my life and put it back into wonderful, healed, thriving pieces.

What happened as a result of me trying to interject more joy in my life:
1. I had fun.
2. More social opportunities presented themselves.
3. When I decided that I was going to exercise less and with less intensity I also decided to eat less and I found that it was easy to cut down on what I consume at dinner and that my body responded positively to this change. I lost weight and started liking my body more.
4. I laughed and enjoyed life so much more than I have for a very long time perhaps ever.
5. My business continues to thrive and I found that I connected more with my clients, enjoyed my work more and the gift of having each and every one of my clients bless me with their knowledge and their presence in my life.
6. I am feeling more healthy and whole on mind, body and emotional levels.
7. I still love my work, but unlike in the past, it is not my one, very few sources of joy. I am thoroughly enjoying life 360 degrees around me.
8. Men have started asking me out on dates. Yes...I am dating. I know that many of my friends and family members have given up on me ever having a dating be honest I had given up on me ever dating, but, lo and behold it is happening and I am not going into it kicking and screaming. I am having fun like a stupid teenager as naive as a 13 year old but...enjoying it nonetheless. Yes, I am still fearful of getting hurt but getting hurt is part of playing the game. Thankfully the sting of rejection gets less and less with time and with practice.

Sooooo.....have more fun in doing so you will continue to bring more joy into your life and maybe even be more successful in all of your ventures in doing so.

Unconditional Love

Thank you God for allowing me to stumble upon one of the greatest lessons in my life.

I don't know how I found it but I found something that is the key to happiness in, how to love and how loving leads to being loving.

My initial question was how do I create more love in my life? That's a pretty big question to approach. How do you create more love in your life? You are more than welcome to answer; I would love your reply. Please reply...

In response to this question I started attracting to me more and more people with these really open heart chakras. For those of you that are new to chakras chakras are energy centers centered around the major organs of the body. The heart chakra is centered around the heart and people who have big heart chakras generally have a great ability to give and receive love.

When these people sat down at my table ready for a reading the first thing that I usually saw was their wide open heart chakra and then I thanked them personally for sitting down with me. My clients are, often times, my greatest teachers and these rare individuals (people who have wide open chakras) I intensely studied in my short visits with them.

What I saw over and over again with these people that had wide open chakras was that they understood that you needed to give love without condition. The result of this unconditional love was that the love that they gave was returned in trumps. These were the people in loving relationships, with lots of friends, who adopted children, who had love and respect, who had the quality of life that I was seeking.

It is as simple as that. If you aim to have love; give love. Simple.

Although this theory seemed simple I didn't know how to apply it to every day life. How do I, a really shy girl, who rarely dates, who is actually terrified of dating, of possibly relationship, how do I put this into practice?

Luckily life provided me with a victim; as I was learning this I was also becoming interested in a guy that was actually interested in me. It was my perfect opportunity to put this very theory into practice. What I found was that this very simple idea could and was easy to put into practice.

If you want more love you have to give more love. You have to risk. You have to initiate. You have to say I like you with your words, with your actions, with your voice, with your body, with your eyes...even when you feel vulnerable, especially when you are vulnerable. And when you risk, however you do risk, you have to risk without caring whether or not you get a positive response.

So how this played out with me was whenever I put myself out there I risked from that space of I didn't care how he responded. I did it from that space of I was willing to risk to conquer myself, to better myself, to learn more about myself, being vulnerable, and being a better me.

What did I learn from this experiment? That it actually worked.

Did our relationship last? No. lasted a lot longer than I thought it would...about two and a half months more. And I had a great time. And I learned that I could risk and even though it didn't last and it ended badly I learned.

I also left the experience without fear for the next experience. I felt invigorated and excited to try again and again and again...unto infinity. I learned that it felt good to give and to give without expecting in return. And when you gave from this space of unconditionality you actually gained.

What did I gain? I gained my ability to give. I gained my ability to give unconditionally. I gained a knowledge about myself that is priceless...that I love myself enough to try, to risk, to try again...I also saw how this unconditional love is what everyone craves. It is what we want from our parents, our friends, our teachers, our siblings, Jesus and, yes, our lovers.

We all do try and try as hard as we all do is an experiment...we all don't come out of the shoot succeeding. How comforting is it though, that at the end of the day, our mom loves and supports us and our sister forgives us for bullying her for most of our early days and my dad still believes in my dreams and my friends understand that when I am busy I don't call or write but I'll come around. All we really want is for people to understand and respect us and to be there when we need them and to love us at the end of the day no matter what.

What we all want and need more than anything else is unconditional love. That's it. It's that simple.

If you want more love; give more love; without condition.