When Did You Know You Were Psychic

In retrospect I can see that I have been intuitive all of my life. Of course this is probably like color blindness; you don’t realize that you see things differently because that is how you have always viewed the world. I played guess the next commercial as a kid, I was at the horse races with my grandma and told her the order of the first five placers in a horse race, guessed what gifts people were going to give me, etc.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I got pretty sick at the age of 21 and couldn’t really eat for a month. People talk about the “cleansing” affects of fasting; I think that my non-voluntary fast opened me up perhaps too fast, who knows.

I remember feeling as though I had walked through a vortex and that my life experience(s) had forever changed. I was instantly aware that there were spirits around me and I could see their energy in a way that I could not describe to others, but I could see that they were around me (it is much like an energy pattern). I was intrigued and, at the same time, scared.

I started to meditate and had visions of all sorts. The most profound vision that I had was of an eagle eating my heart out. This experience was so real: I actually felt the eagle sweep down out of the sky and felt the physical pain of having my heart eaten out by an eagle. Yeah…I was a little bit freaked out about this experience.

Luckily I was taking a Native American Religions class at the time and knew that this was not out of the ordinary for shamans. I immediately checked out about 11 books on shamans just to verify that this was not an experience unique to me.

I don’t know if it calmed my nerves about the situation or not, but at least I knew that I was not the only person to experience this.

At this point I had the choice to accept or reject my experiences and I chose to reject them. I could not overcome the intense fear that I was crazy and/or going crazy.I remember lying awake, in the fetal position, fearing/seeing myself being carried away in a straight jacket. I just did not find the support that I needed at this age to really see that what I was experiencing could be a gift.

To avoid having to deal with the fact that I might be crazy or psychic or both I started smoking a lot of pot in order to mask the influx of intuition and blame it all on being “high.”

They say that when you run from who you your life becomes chaos; mine was chaos at the point that I finally decided to surrender and come to terms with the fact that I was psychic. At the point that I awakened and accepted and started using my gift(s) I was 27 and in a dead-end job, dead-end relationship and high 24/7.

At that point, I had no choice but to surrender; I had no direction to go but up. Thank goodness for the intervention that took place. My parents became Reiki Masters and were anxious to share their new gift with any and all. I was the first (and only) person that they attuned to Reiki (level one). That was the first step of many that I have taken to reclaim who I am and what I came here to do and be.

I continued to become a Reiki Master and embrace my intuition. I use it every day and it has lightened and enlightened my path.
I would never re-take that step or any of the other steps that I have taken in my life. Although I regret the fact that I ran so hard and so fast from being who I am; I do not regret the path that I have taken because although the path was a long and winding road I ended up here.

Please share your story. I feel that the more that people share their stories the more, young (or old) budding psychics will not run in fear (as I have) and, hopefully, embrace their gifts.


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